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Sunday, 2 March 2014

March Madness

Last night, at around 10pm, I had a super idea.  Why not post something fascinating, witty, scintillating and generally all round great EVERY DAY in March?  I could call it "March Madness", or something equally brilliant, and then it could catch on and everyone (no one) would think I was great.  10pm is too late for finding the computer, turning it on, sitting and thinking, so I thought I'd start today, and backdate it (hem).  Anyway, BRACE YOURSELVES for lots of pictures of fabric, sewing projects and children.

First up, a finished project.  I wrote about Lucy's quilt a few weeks ago, and finally got around to finishing it this weekend.  I don't have a lot of time for sewing, as it involves a lot of preparation, and I'm starting to think about making another dress; but even after the girls were horrible on Saturday, I still used my precious sewing time on my ratbag daughter.  That is pure motherly love.

It's not a great photo, but the quilt is keeping her warm tonight.  I finished it just before I went to bed, and put it over her, and she sighed, rolled over in her sleep and smiled.  My heart lifted, and her rotten behaviour was, almost, forgotten.

A WIP.  

The instructions for this jumper has the cheerful instructions, knit in stocking stitch until the cowl neck measures 15 inches.  Boring.  But ideal cinema knitting.  We went to see the Lego Movie today; I did enjoy it.

Two WIPs to be.

I didn't watch "The Great British Sewing Bee" the first time around, we were in Cape Town over Easter, then I went back for Ouma's funeral, so I didn't learn about Tilly and the Buttons until relatively recently.  The top picture is her new pattern, and I might have a bash at her sew-along next week.  Simon is away on Tuesday; I might have a go then.

The second picture is the same pattern as my first dress, but the fabric is totally different, being quilting cotton, and very thin.  This may prove to be a bit of a mistake, so I am going to have a bash at lining it.  I have lovely turquoise bias binding to match it, and I've already made the front (unlined) and I can't wait to get some time to work on it - probably in May.  

Last picture.  A naughty girl on her scooter.  It's taken her a long time, but she has really got the hang of it now.

March Madness - 1/31

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  1. Firstly, Coco! I'm jealous. I'm really keen to make one of those, despite my knit nervousness (ironic in a knitter...). Where did you get your fabric?

    As for lining, I think the Sewing Directory had a tutorial about lining a dress in their recent compilation post (which is well worth bookmarking as it included a ton of really useful sewing tips). If it wasn't there, let me know as I've read a bunch of stuff recently and definitely saw something about how to line a dress the other day.