Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Quinoa risotto

Julia's Bespoke Babies went down a storm on the 1st, selling a whole bunch of baby gros, and taking in a few orders from strangers, as well as from friends.  So I am very happy, and have a big bag of cash, and am starting to think about other craft fairs and future orders.  I've got a couple to make this week; two for a woman in Ealing, one for a friend.  Hurrah.

It was Hattie's birthday on Monday, she is two which is unbelievable, and I'm finding it difficult to come to terms with my little baby turning into a big girl who stamps and shouts and is generally difficult.  She's been practising her terrible twos tantrums for ages now, and is quite good at them; sadly for her, I'm now immune, and I just pick her up and make her get on with what ever it is I want her to do.

We are having quinoa risotto tonight, which is an Esther Walker recipe, and I've made it before for my parents.  I was walking disconsolately around Waitrose this evening with Hattie pulling my hair and wiping mashed banana on my coat, and I suddenly remembered this recipe, and that made my life that bit easier.  Hurrah for Esther Walker, and wouldn't it be nice if she wanted a baby gro?

Work is going quite well at the moment; I am still looking around me, and still looking for a change for September, but I'm relieved that my observation went well and that things are stabilising.  A bit. 

There's more,  but I'm not sure what to say about it at the moment.