Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What? Twice? In one day?

I thought I'd put a picture of Lucy on her birthday up. She is so beautiful. I can't believe she is 2 already, and that that happened a whole month ago! I still haven't written my thank you cards, I've just been too disorganised and tired. Yes, tired. That's it. Not lazy or ungrateful, tired.

My twins were fine today, but Natalia twith the mental mother had a proper 2 year screaming tantrum when mum finally consented to leave, and Hasna who had no problems settling, and who we had such high hopes of, has shown her true colours by having a tantrum every couple of minutes. I am living on paracetamol.

I appear to have broken facebook and my computer by trying to upload all my photos at once. Ho hum.

Month plus round up

I haven't had the energy to write recently. It's not that we haven't had anything happen - off the top of my head, we've had Lucy's 2nd birthday party, a funeral, a couple of hospital appointments where I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a load of children starting at Nursery who have been "difficult" and lots of finished objects that I can't be bothered to photograph.

I've got some pictures on my camera that I can't get off - I was going to pop some up today but the battery is completely dead, so that will have to wait. Lucy turned two very happily, she enjoyed her party and was actually reasonably well behaved.

I had my glucose tolerance test last week, and, as I'd been having pretty bad headaches, was shoved on a machine with beeps and all sorts to check I didn't have pre-eclampsia. I don't, but I do have gestational diabetes, so I have to go to a clinic tomorrow and see what's what. I think, in practice, it'll mean having to go on maternity leave a bit early - work is stressful, and it's really not worth putting any extra stress on my body. It's working pretty hard at the moment, and having a toddler and a loft extension is taking its toll. It might also mean that the baby is induced/removed by caesarian a bit early, so we're probably looking at early December. I can't say I'm either that worried about it, or that upset - the baby will be 38 weeks, so ready to come out, and I won't have that interminable wait that some people have. I think we're ready for her to make her appearance.

I've been cleaning a whole lot recently too - the house is full of bloody plaster dust, and wood dust and more dust and I can't bear it. It's giving me super headaches, and forcing me out of the house during the day as it's too much. This isn't a bad thing when I've got Lucy, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it means that I go into work. Which is rubbish.

I now have 18 children in my class, but 5 of them aren't really settling properly, so we're having to try all sorts of different tactics to encourage them to enjoy Nursery. It's really hard; it's not their fault, of course, how can it be, they are three, but sometimes I really think that they are playing us and playing their parents, and know exactly what they are doing. Everything is complicated by having a multitude of different languages, and the parents don't always speak or understand English either, so it makes things that bit harder for everyone. We have extremely spoilt twin boys who have clearly been treated like princes since they were born, and they used to scream the place down. At the moment, they are crying in a sort of half hearted manner for 5 minutes or so, and then going and playing; refusing to have anything to do with us or the other children, of course, but playing in the Nursery and actually very happy.

We also have two Polish children with absolutely no English at all. Difficult. Still, two more weeks until half term and then I've got 12 working days before my maternity leave starts.

Hey ho.