Sunday, 25 February 2018

I don't have a home Jason, I live in a boundless void

We went to Kew today, in company with the rest of West London.  First sign of a bit of sun, and we all head to the green spaces.  It was absolutely heaving in the Princess of Wales greenhouse for the Orchid Festival; everyone trying to get out of the wind, which was pretty ferocious today. 

Some pictures.

If you are in West London between now and 11th March, you really should go, it's utterly lovely, and there are at least 4 Thai water lizards in the greenhouse.  Hattie swore blind she saw one; obviously, we dismissed her as making it up, this is the child who apparently saw a badger in broad daylight on Dartmoor, and didn't say anything to anyone as she didn't want to disturb the driver after all, but for once she actually saw what she said saw.  Wonders will never cease.