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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It's good to be merry and wIse; it's good to be honest and true; It's best to be off with the old love; Before you are on with the new.

What with all this sewing, I bet you are all deeply concerned about the state of my knitting.

Here is my latest WIP.  It is a lovely jumper, with a big cowl.  Everything I've read suggests that it basically knits itself, but apparently leaving it mouldering on the sofa doesn't work. 

Cascade 220, from the States about a year ago.  Simon is going out there in a few weeks, so I thought I'd better knit some of it up before then, particularly as I want him to bring more back, plus a load of fabric from Hawthorne Fabrics, probably the lemon print and something equally beautiful.  Can't load up him up too much APPARENTLY, although what's the point of him going away if he's not going to be useful.

I've been on strike today.  I will write about it later.  I don't feel the need to apologise or explain, but I quite fancy a rant.

March Madness, 26/31

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