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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hexipuffs.  Invented by Stephanie Dosen, and very quick and satisfying to make.  Lots and lots of people on Ravelry have made them, and turned them into beautiful quilts.  My effort is beautiful in its own way; none of the hexagons have pictures on them, there is no overall theme, beyond "use up odds and ends as quickly as possible" and I am sewing them together as I go along, as not doing that would result in a box with 700 hexipuffs living in my house, gathering dust, forever.  Knitter, know thyself.

There are 100 hexipuffs there - our recent trip to Bristol yielded 8 new ones, and we're doing a lot of driving in the next couple of days, so I should be able to make another 10 or so.  The trouble with them is that I can't be bothered to make them when I'm on the sofa, which is where the majority of my knitting happens, as I don't really need to concentrate when making them.  

I don't know if they'll end up counting as a Year of Projects project, as I want to make at least another 400, maybe another 600, numbers that make me feel slightly queasy;  they are fun to make, and the end product looks great.  

The list: 

Alphabet Blanket for Noah (it's getting bigger, only 8 letters to go and then a border and a lining)
Peacock Mittens (I've bought new needles - hurrah)
Granny's a Square Afghan (still the same, I've ignored it this week)
Idlewood (still yarn)
Owl Blanket (still on hold)
Hexipuff Quilt (see above)
Paper Dolls (still going)
Elephant blanket (still yarn, but I have the pattern now)
*NEW* Peerie Flooers - hat by Kate Davies (for me!)
*NEW* Ringo and Elwood mittens, for the children (too cute!)(I'm going to make them a pair each for Christmas, they can fight over them later)

My 200th blogpost.  Hurrah.


  1. :-) 600 hexipuffs sounds like .... milkyway.

  2. Love all the hexipuffs, this is a project I love seeing but I'm in no way tempted to start one. I'd not look at the end total of ones you want to make just break it down into smaller lots. Love the new additions in particual the Peerie Flooers that is my project for doing colourwork this year, it has only been on my list for about two years lol. Colours are picked out and all so I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. 600 puffs.... I wouldn't dare counting them, I would feel discouraged when there were so many left to do. It's looking great though!

  4. Good idea to join as you go. I love scrappy projects, and your Beekeeper's Quilt looks great so far. Sometimes, when the numbers get too big, I just say to myself, I'm 1/6 finished instead of I need to knit 500 more of these :).

  5. Love those mittens, I have that pattern in my queue also for my little guys. I've been drawn to the hexipuff blanket for a while but not sure I would ever finish. yours looks wonderful!

  6. Your hexi`s look lovely - I have started but am on number one!!

  7. Looks like you have a lot of stuff going on. Knitter after my own heart. I like the blanket so far and can't wait to see it in it's 700 hexi glory.

  8. Wooo for the puffles! It looks great! I should really join as I go, but I know myself and I won't, then they'll sit in a bag for a few month before I have a marathon joining session at the end.

  9. Hexipuffs are one of my favorite things to knit- yours look amazing! They're such a great on-the-go project :)

  10. wow those hexipuffs are gorgeous!!! This is definitely a pattern I need to get going on. Have a knitty weekend xx

  11. Thank you everyone! Sorry for the delay in replying, we've been away. Glad you like the hexipuffs, I've got another 10 done in the last few days!

  12. I love the vibrant colours you've used for your hexipuffs. It looks like you've got quite a few things there to keep you busy!

  13. I admire all your patience - this is so involved and pure work of love.