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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WIP Wednesday & Year of Projects round up

Goodness me, can my life get any more interesting?  Yesterdays bombshell - a burned foot and a sulk - was mostly due to me using an iPad app to type; a device that blocked all inspiration with great efficiency.

My WIP this week is, boringly enough, Lucy's birthday blanket.  It is coming on really well, and should be finished in plenty of time, but goodness me, is it boring to make.  

Probably just as boring to read about, if I'm honest.

So, for those still awake, here is my list from this year, which for me ran from February to the end of June.

Alphabet Blanket for Noah - still mostly yarn
Peacock Mittens - sat on needles, waiting for replacements
Granny's a Square Afghan - see above, about a third left to go, plus border
Idlewood - still yarn
Owl Blanket - half way through, plus border
The Killing Jumper - done
Hexipuff Quilt - I've made another 4, so only about 3 billion left to make
Paper Dolls - sloooooooooow going
Vine Yoke - done
Skyfall socks - also done

The list for this new year, beginning of July to end of June, is something like this.

Alphabet Blanket for Noah
Peacock Mittens
Granny's a Square Afghan
Owl Blanket
Hexipuff Quilt (probably)
Paper Dolls
Something else
Something from the queue

Scintillating stuff!  Tune in next Wednesday for more fascinating knitting and crocheting related chat.


  1. I love the bright colours in Lucy's blanket, when I get bored with something on the needles or hook I normally have an alternate project to work on. Good looking list for the coming year, look forward to seeing it come together.

  2. Can't wait to see your items flesh out with patterns and yarns and lots of progress. Definitely agree with Mysparemoments on having side projects to give you a breather from the boring ones!

  3. Love the blanket, it's so bright and cheerful! And looks like a great list, I feel for you with the 4 billion hexipuffs, I'm in the same boat

  4. You are too funny! I love the "Granny's a Square" and the "mostly yarn" commentary on progress! Me too! Sorry about the broken needles but again....a status that made me smile. It sounds like we have similar lives! I had a boring project and a boring book this week....that HAS to change! LOL! Look forward to seeing your progress!

  5. You are funny and your post made me laugh. :) I sure love that blanket, boring or not and it is sure to be loved! Like others commenting, side projects my friend! They save me from sheer boredom sometimes. On the flip side, this usually results in me having too many wips than is comfortable for me....sigh...such problems! Have a super week--

  6. I think a Bee Keeper's quilt might be meant for a decade of projects list, LOL! I like the look of them, but knitting that many puffs and then assembling them, boggles my mind!