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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Something something Tuesday

I'm tired.  Utterly drained and a bit broken, and I didn't even have a fun night out to cause this feeling of hopeless, helplessness.  Harriet had a nightmare last night, screaming out for me that she was too hot and it was morning time, and she had to get up.  I ended up in bed with her for about half an hour, which was no good for either of us, and finally working out what was wrong when she removed her nappy, threw it on the floor and said it was too wet.  She's learning to use the potty now, and of course she doesn't like the feeling of a wet nappy, and if that means Mummy groping around a dark house at 2:45 in the morning, then so be it.  She went straight back to sleep after a clean nappy and a cuddle, so I've stocked up in preparation for tonight. Being Harriet, she went back to bed at about half ten this morning, just to catch up.

We're having a vegetarian-esque meal tonight; something I cooked almost a year ago, and then have been meaning to make again, but never quite getting around to it.  It was part of the October Unprocessed madness of last year, where I gave up Diet Coke for an entire month, and suffered from the shakes, massive withdrawal symptoms and general undirected fury, but I'm sure that meant that what I was doing was Good For Me, and therefore I should repeat it this year.

The recipe is Chermoula Roasted Aubergines, and it is from a Waitrose leaflet.  If you are interested in different meals, and want something quick and delicious, then this is the recipe for you.  If you don't like aubergines, I concede that it might not be entirely suitable.  

See?  Food blogging at its finest.  And an instagrammed to hell and gone picture to illustrate the meal too.  Albeit from last year.

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