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Friday, 12 July 2013


I walked over to Waitrose earlier, in order to take advantage of their "£10 Dinner for Two", and ran into three people I know.  They all said that I look tired.  I do look tired.  It's the end of term, we have a week left, and I'm tired.  Worn out.  Both children are ill-ish, both of us are ill-ish, and I'm pretty much on my knees.  It's just not going to stop either - we have class swaps and handing over assessments and finishing stuff up, planning for next year, tidying, washing, filing, and oh Lord, it's making me feel worse and worse just writing it down.  Add the ill-ish-ness to that, and it's no wonder I don't look my best.

Perhaps I should start using some make up.  My friend Steph, a lady who loves challenges and projects, is doing some sort of "Use it Up" challenge; some sort of save to spend sort of thing.  She wears make up regularly, unlike me; I cannot be bothered.  But I look terrible.  Like something that has been dug up after a few weeks underground.  I'm not sure there is enough foundation to improve this state of affairs.  I do, however, have a lot of make up lying around; and I'm about to spend a small fortune getting my hair highlighted and cut and generally tamed into something resembling a do, so maybe a bit of slap is in order.

Do you notice the smooth way I went from being tired to talking about make up?  It's writing of this calibre that makes me a proud member of the Mumsnet bloggers network.

Normal service to resume shortly.

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