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Thursday, 25 July 2013

WIP Thursday

The crocheted blanket continues.

The Peacock Mittens were sat on by either Grandad or one of the girls, and another one of the very delicate bamboo needles is no more.

It is too hot to work on the Alphabet Blanket, even though it is so close to being finished now - just 12 lots of intarsia to go.

The A-line skirt for me sits, still fabric, mocking me, daring me to start and to totally f it up.  The main fabric is beautiful, the contrast fabric is understated, the button is, well, a button, and the whole thing terrifies the life out of me.  I will do it.  I will.  Next week.

So there we go.  I get paid tomorrow, so this month's yarn based purchase will be some KnitPro sock needles.  

As for the list; 

Alphabet Blanket for Noah (see above, not much to do, although it will need both a border and a lining, curses)
Peacock Mittens (new needles needed, so on hold again)
Granny's a Square Afghan (gettting there, only 3 large granny squares and 16 small ones to go, plus a massive border)
Idlewood (still yarn)
Owl Blanket (still on hold)
Hexipuff Quilt (probably not, might swap out)
Paper Dolls (still going)
Elephant blanket (still yarn, need to borrow pattern again)
Something else
Something from the queue 


  1. Blanket is coming along and still loving those mittens darn the needle, bamboo is so lovely to knit with but a curse to as it breaks so easy !

  2. Nooo, poor needles! Are they expensive to buy also? :( I've never bought any wood/bamboo needles. The mittens are lovely so I hope you can get hold of some new needles soon :)

  3. Your blanket is really lovely! Sorry to hear about your bamboo needle loss. Hopefully you can get another soon as your mittens are beautiful.

  4. The blanket looks great! And I hope that you can replace the needle quickly that's rubbish!

  5. Oh how I love your little crocheted blanket-the colors are brilliant! Regarding your needle dilemma, I have two words.... metal needles! :)
    Hope you have a super weekend...