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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Elderflower Cordial and Strawberry Jam

Very domestic goddess-y of me; I picked the elderflowers at ten o'clock at night, after my WI meeting last week, and made the cordial over the weekend.  It's very easy to make, it just takes time and a bit of stirring. I used less sugar and more lemons this time, so it tastes very flowery and not as sweet.  I've put a whole lot in the freezer too, and I might make it into ice cream at some point.  Or we'll just drink it with fizzy water and lots of ice.  Possibly some vodka too.  I put some into a glass of white wine the other day; I don't recommend that.

The strawberry jam has sparkles in it, of course, and it hasn't set as firmly as the batch I made last year, and I didn't use pomegranate molasses, just a good slosh of elderflower cordial.

A rare daytime post, thanks to Peppa Pig being uploaded onto youtube, and youtube being available on our television.  

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