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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Nothing like a big blank page to stop all thought and creativity dead in the water.  Also, nothing like trying to write in the blog every day for a month.  

Randomly, on a Wednesday.

1. I am knitting away like mad, and making little or no progress on any of the projects.

2. The Ealing 135 Fair is looming, and my stock is currently about three baby-gros and a bunch of mixed size tee-shirts that are at the Post Office collection place.  Bum.

3. We've only been back at school 3 days, and I'm already ready for a holiday.

4. There's the horror of the Nursery Christmas extravaganza to get through first.

5. I need to make a Christmas cake.

6. Hattie will be 3 soon (3!), and wants a Gruffalo Party, followed by an Elephant Party.  Both of these require thinking, planning and doing.  The elephant party is a trip to Whipsnade, and she's agreed that it should be just family.  At the moment, for her presents, she wants a lion, a penguin, an elephant and a pretend cloud. 

7.  I can't seem to stop buying fabric, and now am the proud owner of two metres of wool blend tartan, and can finally make a green/blue tartan skirt for myself, in time for tartan to be in fashion again.  (Winter 2017) 

8. It needs lining, which is a world of worry and stress for me, so I am leaving it in a carrier bag and ignoring it for the moment.

9. I'll be able to wear it with my Peerie Flooers vest - estimated completion date Winter 2017.

10. I should probably start doing my Shred again before embarking on even more adventures in handmade clothes.


  1. Hey,

    I wanted to reach out because I just finished a little project which I think could be interesting to you and your readers!

    I've recently been working on an interactive illustrated children's story, about an unhappy snail called Snailbow with magic multi-coloured skin, who goes on a quest to find a new house, but eventually with the help of some friends realizes he's happy with how it is all along.

    It's online at

    It's something I've been doing in evenings and it's totally none-commercial. It would be great to hear what you and your kids think, and if you do like it, I'd love it if you could spread the word.

    Also I’d be really happy if you know of any other good blogs / etc for kids / parents which you could point me in the direction of… as a 23 year old living in Berlin, I don’t know too many parents or children unfortunately.


    Jack Wild.

  2. Hi Jack,

    Just had a look, it's very sweet. I'll show it to my children. Have a look at the blogs on Mumsnet, and maybe email the admins, they might be able to help publicise the site.

    Best wishes