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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I like to think I am a feminist.

I believe in equal rights, in equal pay, in equal shouldering of burdens - childcare, mortgages, elderly parents.  I don't mind having the door held open for me, why not, but will open the door for others.  I like baking, cooking, sewing, knitting, home-making (not cleaning), but also very hard sums, painting and decorating, science and technology.  I generally wear skirts and boots, rather than trousers.  I changed my name out of convenience - I went from one man's name to another: to be really rational, we should have picked a new surname and used that.  I work out of necessity, but also out of choice - I know that sounds strange given how much I dislike my current role, but honestly, I do love teaching and helping to construct our new curriculum is reminding me how important it is.  I am not a lesbo-leninist or a separatist; those people scare the hell out of me.  I feel strongly that HER-story is a fundamental misunderstanding of the meaning of language, and reveals a deep and basic lack of education.  And if that doesn't age me, nothing will; I think that particular concept has fallen completely out of fashion. I don't think young girls using their naked bodies to sell things is OK, particularly as I don't believe that it is always their idea, and I'm not entirely sure that I agree with slut walking, as it uses a male perspective of what is sexy.  Just because I choose to wear a jumper doesn't mean I'm not sexy; actually, a grey v-neck with a ketchup stain on the front is just as sexy as a bra and knickers.  Particularly my bras and knickers.   March, sure, talk about your experiences, absolutely, but why dress like that?  It's far more comfortable stamping in flats than tottering in heels.

I am just so, so sick of women, some old enough to know better,  saying "oo no, I'm not a feminist, it's such an outdated word".  You are a feminist if you take full responsibility for the decisions you make, if you believe in equality, if you want an end to the "blame the victim" culture, if you believe in a woman's right to choose, if you vote, if you want the Daily Mail sidebar of shame banned.

If you don't like the word, grow up.  It's here to stay, so shout it out loud and proud.


  1. I totally agree I am a feminist too, no need to be butch. A lot of men think a feminist must be a lesbian. Well said.

  2. Yes! Totally agree with this.