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I knit, I sew, I run, I look after children and hamsters, I take truly terrible pictures, I cook, I complain.  Sometimes all at the same time.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Waving, not Drowning

In the course of my daily life, I am often (never) asked what I've learned from this great journey we call EXISTENCE.  So, for those of you (us) floundering around helplessly in the dark, here is clarity from years of experience.

1. You cannot control other people's behaviour, you can only control your reaction to their behaviour.

Even when it comes to your children.  They are humans and they make choices.  They make ill-informed choices, and they don't understand the consequences of their choices, and need help understanding why they shouldn't make the choices they make, but we cannot control their behaviour, just guide it.  This is why I maintain a zen like calm at all time, especially when tired, fed up and hungry.

2. One adult should never have to apologise for another adult's unkindnesses.


3. Ask for help before you start drowning, not when you realise that you can't swim.

Tricky one for me.  I prefer not to ask for help, but I've realised that, especially when working in an environment I find difficult, I really need to ask for help as often as possible.

4. Work less, play more.

Again, a tricky one for me; today, I was doing my filing while the girls had supper.  Now they are in bed, and I am, what? Typing a load of rubbish onto the internet.

5. Find something you enjoy doing and do it.

I knit, hand sew baby gros, write a blog, make my own clothes, make children's clothes, cook, read, occasionally garden and spend time with people I love.  This makes up for my husband travelling, tantrums, doing the washing, washing up, tidying and working.

See?  Do those things, and life should be easy, straightforward, stress-free and filled with well behaved, happy children.  Just like mine is.


  1. Ha! Well I for one am glad you typed a load of rubbish into the internet - it makes me feel loved and wanted even if your children don't ;)

    An excellent list O Wise One.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with the novel x

  2. Very wise list! Love number 1 x