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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hallowmas and other things

We had a Hallowe'en party today for the children.  Lots of dressing up, lots of running around screaming, and, rather gratifyingly, lots of tears at going home time.  It's All Souls Day today, the Day of the Dead, so I suppose we could have called it a "Dia de Muertos" party, but that just seems a bit too Islington for me; so Hallowe'en it is, and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

I like to think I excelled myself with the pointless and fiddly craft this year.

These are from Mollie Makes magazine, and I enjoyed making them very much, despite them being far, far more fiddly and irritating things than I normally care to make.  I was going to do something clever like stick them in a hoop, or even onto a cushion cover, but in the end, I just blu-takked them to a window and left it like that.  

Another massively fiddly thing, but much appreciated by the children and parents at the party.  I only make them once a year, for Hallowe'en, so I suppose it's alright to take a lot of trouble over it all.

We've got another 28 days to prepare for Hattie's party.  Batten down the hatches, and prepare for THE GRUFFALO.  

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