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Sunday, 3 November 2013

43/52 & 44/52

Oh blimey, another fortnight gone.  I forgot all about the photos last week; just went clean out of my head.

Here are the girls in the bath at my parents' house.  They don't usually look this, well, odd.

What a big tummy my little Hattie has!  She's still very much a toddler, not a child yet.  She clings to her nappies, dummies and buggy with a tenacity I can only envy, and drives us mad being a BABY (GOO GOO LILLEEE).  Lucy is, of course, far too grown up for all that stuff, and only just puts up with (urgh) SHARING (ugh) a bath with her (ugh) sister.  Mind you, she can still throw a tantrum that utterly, utterly floors me.

Norwich, Tuesday 29th October.  Simon's still travelling there once or twice a week, so we decided to go there with him in half term.  I still like it as much as I did in the summer holidays, but now term has started and I'm stupidly busy, I don't feel that we have to MOVE right away from horrible, horrible London. 

Mayfair, Thursday 31st October.  It was my birthday, and I had what I thought was a free glass of Prosecco at Pizza Express waiting for me.  Turned out to be a free bottle, which Simon and I shared, so the afternoon was a bit of a riot.  We wandered down from Mayfair to Buckingham Palace, then to Victoria, and actually, I do love London.  Very much.  Next time, we'll go to the South Bank and on the Eye.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Hattie has decorated herself with stickers, including a rather fine "mit-arsh", which is what you do when you are nearly three and have been given a big sheet of stickers to play with.  Happy days.

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