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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Taking Stock Tuesday

Making: A Paper Dolls jumper.  Almost at the dolls now. 
Cooking: An orzotto.
Drinking: Red wine.  Lovely, lovely red wine.
Reading: "The Attenbury Emeralds" by Jill Paton Walsh & Dorothy L Sayers.  About to start reading my library books.
Wanting: A holiday.
Looking: For Gruffalo crafts for Hattie's birthday on Saturday.
Playing: Even more Simpsons Tapped Out.  Totally addicted.
Deciding: On my and others' Christmas present lists.
Wishing: For more energy.
Enjoying: Watching rubbish TV.  More ancient Simpsons.
Waiting: For tomorrow to be over.
Liking: Cooking.  I made two Christmas puddings on Sunday.
Wondering: Whether I'll get my own way about next year.
Loving: My cuddly Lucy.
Pondering: Where next with babygros?
Considering: How to get the hell out of Dodge.
Watching: Candlelight flickering.
Hoping: That Hattie means it when she says that she won't wear nappies when she's 3.
Marvelling: At the speed at which children grow up.
Needing:  A wee.
Smelling: Supper.
Wearing: My amazing Forbrydelsen, self knitted jumper.
Following: An inclination.
Noticing: The end of Autumn.
Knowing: Things are going well.
Thinking: About absent friends.
Feeling: More relaxed than I have been.
Admiring: My New Hair.
Buying: Books.
Getting: Slowly a bit tipsy.
Bookmarking: Gruffalo stuff on Pinterest.
Opening: An Etsy shop.
Giggling: Over a Radio 4 adaptation of ~"Guards! Guards!"

Feeling: Thankful.

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