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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Renegade Craft Master (Mistress)

This is where I went today:, which was a brilliant thing to do on a rainy Saturday.  It's always a brilliant experience spending time with crafty people, although it's quite depressing in other ways.  I'd really, really love to do some form of training in craft and design, just to be able to put some ideas down properly.  I can draw little cartoon-y pictures, but I've no real idea about anything else; shading is a big old mystery to me, as are fun things like screen printing and lino cutting.  One day I might even be able to make half a living from craft, although I fear it's unlikely.

The great thing this year was that some crafty types realise that people who go to these places like to make their own little items, so are selling make your own kits.  I've got three cross-stitch kits to work on, and I'm really excited about that.  I'll re-type that sentence: I'm excited about cross-stitch.

It's cheaper than going out.  Just.

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