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Sunday, 23 June 2013


We're nearly half way through the year, unbelievably enough.

The children are growing up. "I not a baby any more, Maffus a baby, not me" says Hattie one minute, and then "Me a baby Mummy, tuddle me, tarry me" the next.  It's a difficult age.

She's had some sort of horrible allergic response to something this week; swollen puffy and oozing left eye, high temperature, general lethargy and off Nursery on Thursday.  Which meant me being off school, which given that I've got some kind of tonsil stress response happening, was no bad thing.  The guilt though, oh the guilt.  I guess you can't win, can you.

This one has been ill as well this week.  She's had temperatures, tears, snot and general grumpiness all week, and been on and off school too.  "Fortunately" she also wasn't well enough for school on Thursday, so I was able to care for both of them together, which was snotty.

On Friday, I didn't want Hattie going to Nursery, so she went to Lyn's for the afternoon; poor lovely, sleep deprived Lyn whose good nature I shamelessly exploit.  On hearing that Hattie was going to her friend's house, Lucy had a drama queen tantrum, and insisted that she did as well, so spent the afternoon with Louise and her children.  I think a good time was had by all, even the mums.  I will be spending a great of time with both Louise and Lyn's daughters this summer I think.

Lyn's sleep deprivation is caused by the rather gorgeous young man being cuddled by Lucy.  Both my daughters adore him and occasionally campaign for a little brother of their own.  Unlikely.

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