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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WIP Wednesday

It is almost finished!  A year after starting to think about making this jumper, and about six months after actually getting on with it, I have finally attached the sleeves to the body, and just have to do the last set of stars and the collar, and then I will be able to wear it and walk about solving crimes and being grumpy and emotionally unavailable.

For interested parties: Rowan Cocoon, cream and grey, 3 of cream, 1 of grey; 6mm circular needles, 6mm DPNs for the sleeves. Yarn bought from the really very wonderful Mrs Moon's of St Margarets.

Year of Projects List - these are some from this year, and some for next year

Rusted Root - swapped out for an Alphabet Blanket
Hedgehog Mittens - swapped out for Peacock Mittens
Starburst Flower Blanket - swapped out for Granny's a Square Afghan for Lucy's fifth birthday
Idlewood - still yarn
Owl blanket - on hold
The Killing Jumper  - nearly done
Hexipuff Quilt - on hold until I can find my needles
Paper Dolls jumper - another inch knitted, but it's still going slowly
Vine Yoke cardigan - still done
Skyfall socks - done

Fascinating stuff.


  1. The jumper is looking great, you'll have to post a pic of you in it when it's done!

  2. Lovely sweater! I bet you can't wait for it to be finished! Love that classic blue and white.