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Monday, 3 June 2013

Orzotto; or what I do when I've got nothing else to eat

I've just bought a really quite wonderful new book.  By Esther Walker, one of my favourite journalists, it is a terrific and quick read - part autobiography, part recipe book and very, very funny.  I've been lying in the rapidly cooling bath all evening, doing nothing but reading and laughing.  If you have a kindle or an iphone or something similar, I really recommend it, it's only £1.99, so even if you hate it, it's not a bad buy.  You can buy it from Amazon.

Anyway, it's inspired me to be a bit more nice jacket and jeans about cooking rather than ratty old Tesco own brand and a fleece from Pick n' Pay; tonight we had a store cupboard staple that is originally from Hugh Fearnley Whatsit in the Guardian on Saturday, but was reproduced in Nigellissima, all be it with slightly different ingredients, but doesn't actually require any thought, weighing, timing or anything more complicated than an IKEA cup and a pair of scissors.  Look it up; I think it's called orzotto by the sainted N, and risoni by the hairy H.  I love it to bits, especially on first day back after the school holidays when my angelic class have all been at Daddy's coffee.

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