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Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday

I had to go and hide away from my family a bit earlier, so went up to the grandly entitled Craft Room and had a bit of a stash sort.  I've unearthed two projects that were supposed to be "next" about three years ago, and have brought them downstairs, therefore making them a bit more of a visible reality.  One of them is a very fancy hat that I am convinced will make me look wonderful but in reality will probably make me look like an idiot, but time will tell.  I have the needles, I have the yarn, I have the patience and I have friends who will suit it very well if needs be.

I do love Bank Holidays. Even on a Bank Holiday like this one where we really couldn't be bothered to do very much as a family, bad parents.  Saturday was a bike ride for Simon and his friend, us playing around and not going to the Farmers' Market or foraging, as I'd planned owning to some spectacularly bad behaviour from Lucy, and then a birthday party in the afternoon.  Sunday was spent prostrate in the house on my own, recovering from the horrible tummy bug and then going out in the evening to discover that I hadn't recovered at all.  Joy and jubilation.  I think I'm a bit better today, although I thought that yesterday and was wrong, so I'm not celebrating just yet.

Today we've spent in the house doing as little as possible - the girls have been threading beads, watching television, painting and other amusing things.  Harriet is currently in the middle of painting a banner for Lucy's birthday; she is not aware of it, but I think that it will work out.  This is the joy of Pinterest; I saw a "We love You Daddy" banner for Fathers' Day, made of cut out letters from scribblings/painting, and I'm now adapting for the grand 4 year old party that will be happening in two weekends time.

Tomorrow we are going to the New Forest, just me and the girls.  Which will be fun. 

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