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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I was a bit concerned by how tired I was last night considering that I hadn't really done much except sit on a train and go for a short walk, so I was (not at all) relieved to find out that in fact that I had a bit of a tummy bug and spent quite a lot of last night clammy, cold and sweaty and shivery.  Hurrah.  At least I'm feeling a whole lot better today and am not so tired that I have to lie down and cry.

Today's big adventure was a trip to Northampton to see Karen and her lovely little girls.  The big one is the same age as Lucy and they get on like a house on fire, screaming and laughing and running and shouting at us and doing what passes as playing nicely when you are almost four.  The little one is a tiny baby and as such is of great interest to Harriet who prodded her and lay on her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses and squashed her a lot, which is, I suppose, playing nicely with the baby when you are not quite two.

We drove up this time, up the M40 and the three dozen round-abouts that the local authority see fit to put on the road to slow us all down to a reasonable 50mph.  I do not like driving at 50mph when I have two noisy so and sos in the back shouting and demanding more crisps and mini cheddars. Still, we got there in plenty of time - two hours including a pit-stop at Oxford services; refuelling with even more than usually over priced pain au chocolat and pain au raisin.  Honestly, after a week of driving in motorways in France, I'm most disappointed by the services in the UK.  France is so much more civilised - not every stop is an expensive shopping experience, some places are just picnic areas with a loo.  I suppose the weather being that bit better in France means that people are happy to stop and have a picnic, and don't really like shovelling food into their faces in supermarkets.

I have finally put the photos on the other computer, but not yet onto the internet, they will come when I am feeling stronger.  I'm sure that's what everyone is waiting for - 70 odd photos of odd people in La Carneille. 

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