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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back in the jug agane

I managed to hit my self-imposed target for August with a mighty 13 posts, which is extraordinary.  I wonder if I will be able to do half as well now I have to go back to the place of toil and tears and general rubbishness.  I will get a new job this year.  I will.

We've been super busy in the last week, what with trips to the New Forest, swimming, a day at the Paralympics, a trip to Cambridge and Wimpole Home Farm and Lucy's first theatre trip to see Ange-rina Ballerina at Richmond Theatre.

Each deserves a new post, but I can't be bothered with all that, so here is a photo montage.

The village I grew up has a duck river, and after sharing the remnants of the stale bread with the ducks, the girls decided to climb the fence and look for conkers.  We found a whole bunch, but they were white inside,  so must of come down in the wind.  Most disappointing.

We paid a visit to Auntie Kaili in Cambridge, and went to the park where there is a very cold paddling pool.  Hattie got herself completely drenched, but as I was expecting that, she was only wearing her nappy.  Lucy was far more civilised, and just paddled about.  

We paid a visit to Wimpole Home Farm, where we were treated to an example of realism in farming.

These piglets were all of a day old, and still wet.  Adorable.  

Hattie appreciating pigs in her own unique way.

Both girls were absolutely fascinated by the Shire Horse and her foal.   Beautiful animals and only 1,500 breeding mares left.  The foal is a female, which is good news for the future.

It's been a lovely summer holiday all in all, although I'm part looking forward to going back to work, if only to find myself a new job.  

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