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Friday, 10 August 2012


We are going on holiday tomorrow.  For some reason, I appear to have agreed to go bicycling around the Suisse Normande, so called because it is apparently the only part of Normandy that goes up.  So I will be spending an internet free week holed up in rural France, pulling that blasted tag-a-long up hills in the rain.

Mind you, as holidays go, it should be great fun.  We are going with friends of ours who have children who are slightly younger than Lucy and Hattie, and the girls absolutely adore them, so the four of them will be occupied.  We will have other people to talk to and cook for and be cooked for, so that will be less of a chore and more fun, and the house we're staying in belongs to my father in law, so there won't be a massive bill at the end of it all.  Plus we're going to go to Paris for a day trip - well, the outskirts anyway, visiting my grandmother, which should be good fun.  I might even finish the hippo mittens.

I might even be able to upload some photographs when I get back, and might even have some to show of me collapsed at the top of a slight rise with Lucy laughing at me.

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