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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I'm becoming somewhat of a stuck record.  I am utterly shredded today, following a very lovely day out visiting a friend who has moved out of Ealing to lovely semi-rural Horsham.  Being a glutton for punishment, I went by train from Victoria.

This was before the massive tantrum, which brought me to my knees.

I really thought I had this travelling with children thing sorted out, a massive changing bag full of snacks, books, pencils, pens, papers, colouring in and songs, but Lucy defeated me when she wanted crawl under all the seats, and I felt that that wasn't the thing to do.  Then she hit me.  I was very restrained.

Anyway, we had a lovely day, and her ladyship had her first Fab lolly, and Hattie enjoyed a Mr Men mini milk type thing after shouting "me, Me, ME!" while I was buying ice creams for the children.

Horsham has the most wonderful park in the middle of it, and we spent a long time there being very active and running around - Lucy's dear friend Michael is an active boy with a very competitive older brother, and she manages to keep up with both of them for a while, stopping for a cuddle and a hand hold every now and then.

The way back was super easy and we really had a good trip, despite arriving at Victoria in the middle of rush hour - 5:20, what a gorgeous time of day.  The girls amused a District Line carriage of commuters by pole dancing and running around sitting on people's laps and shoes; another thing I really hope they will grow out of soon.

I had to have a lie down when we got home.

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