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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Tourist Trip around my own city

In the summer holidays, I generally enjoy taking the children around London, showing them things and going to the National Gallery and just pottering about.  This year, having been warned to expect 1000 million people, I decided to give it a miss, and took them in briefly before the Olympics started.  Everyone else seems to have felt the same way, and the West End and Central London are not exactly deserted, but certainly less busy than I would have expected for the time of year.

The couple of million that was spent tarting up Leicester Square was money well spent in our opinion, as the fountains are wonderful and we spent about thirty minutes jumping up and down in the water, and getting absolutely soaking.  Hattie ended up only wearing her vest for the rest of the day - a real advertisement for my parenting skills, I must say.  Lucy tucked her dress into the front of her knickers, and looked, well, ridiculous frankly.

Gosh, I love Instagram.  I've found a new way of getting it onto my computer and off the itoy, and I'm very pleased with it, which is why there are a mass of photos in my post. 

We also went to the National Gallery and saw the Sunflowers, the Water Lilies, the Tiger and the Little Girl who Looks a bit like Lucy, which is all we ever go to see; both of them seem to enjoy the trip and can recognise some paintings now - well, Lucy can, Hattie just shouts "Raaa" at the Tiger (Surprised) and marches around shouting at tourists gazing seriously at the ART.

According to The Middle Class Handbook, Costa is at the bottom of the coffee shop pyramid, and it isn't that great, but it suits us - cheap, child-friendly, free WiFi and full of things that the children will actually eat.  This one is right on Wardour Street, so we walked through Chinatown and practised our Mandarin, courtesy of The Lingo Show, on the locals. 

I quite enjoyed being a bit of a tourist, and we will do it again later in the Summer.  Shame we can't have the Olympics every year, it makes for a delightfully peaceful capital.

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