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Sunday, 31 May 2015

All romantics meet the same fate some day. Cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark cafe.

How long, how long.  Have I been busy?  It's been half term, sure, which meant picnics in the park, trips to London to see the stuffed animals, hamster funerals (sob), play dates, trips to the theatre (Simon and I - High Society, so good), trips to the cinema (Simon and I - Age of Ultron, so adequate), dentists, haircuts and lots of running around.  A bit of an experience all round, and we are very much missing our darling little chap.

There's even been some knitting and sewing happening; I've taken to making the girls pants, in the hope that it might, cough, encourage improved, well, hygiene in the younger one.  These ones come from the off cuts of a dress I made for myself.

The pattern is from Kitschy Coo, and is super, super simple and quick; I think they took me thirty minutes each. I'm getting her grown up pants pattern soon to make some for me too. If I start talking about making bras though, do please have a word. Mind you, that's more like metal working than sewing for me, and the engineering is complex, so it's unlikely to happen in this life. The waistband on Lucy's pair is on back to front, but it helps me tell them apart, so it's a design feature, not a maker flaw.

The list is still going on.  There's now a month until the end of this Year of Projects cycle, so I'm starting to think about next year's list, which will be mostly projects I haven't managed to finish yet. 

Hexipuff Quilt - No change. Hey ho.

Lucy Attic24 Ripple Blanket - Done, done and done.  

When Lucy was sad about Charlie on Thursday, she wrapped herself and Hattie in the blanket while they cuddled and watched TV.  Even though I was very sad too, it warmed my heart to see them using my work to cheer themselves up.  I can't wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them indoors, but I can wrap them in love and time.

Wisteria jumper - It needs a sleeve.  Which won't take forever.  She says.

The Weather in the Streets

So close now to being done.  I've sewn together 320, there's 14 loose ones, and I've got less than 70 to go.  Happy days.  I've tried to do 2 a day recently, it's made a real difference.  Who knew that if you actually crocheted something rather than leaving lying on the sofa it would make it grow bigger?

Yellow squares - 120/143 done - 23 to go
Blue squares - 63/72 done - 9 to go
Grey squares - 79/102 - 23 to go
Turquoise squares - 4/11 done
Orange squares - ALL DONE
Pink square - DONE
Purple squares - DONE
Red squares - 8/10 done
Dark Green squares - DONE
Pale Blue square - DONE
Pale Yellow square - DONE
Dark Blue square - DONE
Pinky-Red squares - 8/10 done

Hattie's 4th birthday blanket - Also done, done and done.

Not a great picture, but she loves it to bits and back again, so I don't think I care too much about that. 

Miette cardigan - nearly finished the body.  It's looking good.  It'll go well with my as yet unblogged new Liberty skirt.  Which needs buttons.  Will the chores never end?

I'm keeping these here, with the some of the same notes next to them.  Still no progress.  I've put them in a possible making order.  Just in case.  You never know.

Knitted Coco - selfish knitting project.  Got the yarn, just need to make a start.

Coraline cardigan - I'm going to start this once I've finished the Miette cardigan. It is too pretty to keep on putting off.

Petrie top - I want this for August.  So I'd better get started.  It's June now.  

Peacock Mitten - At almost a quarter of the way through this, I'm quite excited that I might even have it finished before it gets cold again. 

Socks for me - I found some sock yarn. I will take socks with me on holiday with me. Might even get a whole pair made. We're there for two weeks.

Owl Obsession blanket -  I think I'm going to make this as a bunch of circles, with some owls. They'll basically be pretty plain, no mucking about.  That's what I didn't like about the pattern as written, too much mucking about with quite unnecessary lacy bits.

Burton Bear Cowl for Hattie. Autumn project.

Elwood mittens for Lucy.  I'm sure I've started these.  I can't remember though.  Aargh.
Rainbow jumper - this is an Autumn project.
A Little Birds jumper with no steeks - I still need to shred the stash for this. But I'm pretty sure I bought some yarn that didn't arrive. Hmm.
Reknit an unwearably large jumper for Simon - Measure once, knit twice. This is probably an Autumn project too.


Myrna Cardigan
Hattie's cardigan
A pair of simple socks for the children
Garter Yoke Cardigan
An Owlet for Lucy
Lucy's Cowl
Hattie's Cowl
A Burton Bear Cowl for Lucy
Simon's socks
A tiny jumper for Nicholas
Sparkly Owlet for Hattie
Ringo mittens
Striped jumper for Lucy
Nicholas' POP blanket
Lucy ripples
Hattie rainbows


  1. So sorry about Charlie, but nice that they had the blanket - which is gorgeous. Love the pants!! Are you doing the outfit along this year? I will be making a Megan and Vianne.

    1. I am! I'm making a Lilou dress and a not mesh back Vianne. Can't wait, even though I'm not 100% sure about the colours, and they could look grim on me. Ah well.

  2. Sure sounds like it's been busy at your house...good for you with projects finished and on the go...