Monday, 1 June 2015

Sewing lace on widows' weeds, And filigree on leaf and vine

Me Made May is over for another year.  It wasn't a challenge this year, because I have a lot of handmade clothes now.  I'm not yet able to get through an entire month without repeats; but then I wear the clothes I love, and most of them are handmade.  My blue and white Miette skirt was worn pretty much once a week, which tells me I need to make more and more of them; good shape for me, good length and super easy to make.  I lost the instructions for the skirt, so I've been making it as a wraparound with buttons instead of ties.  I don't really need more fabric around my waist.

I did make another one, using some Cath Kidston fabric I got half price.  It's a very upholstery fabric, so it holds its shape pretty well.

There will be more of these in my future.  IKEA, where the fabric for the first Miette came from, has some really nice stuff in, and it's pretty cheap.  Look at this one:  
and this one:

I can see skirts in both of these in my future.  Hurrah.

For next year, I need more plain tops that will go with massively patterned skirts.  I've obviously got some fabric for them, I just need to get on with it.  I'll make some plain jersey Coco tops and probably a tunic too, and maybe the Comino Cap pattern from Kitschy Coo, to go with my new pants.   I can make a Coco in an evening, even less if I cut everything out the night before. The Bronte top by Jennifer Lauren is another one for the wardrobe; doesn't it have lovely shoulder details.  I've got some plain knitting to do too; tee shirts, light jumpers and cardigans.  Also, a Dolores batwing top would be rather special too.

Anyway, here is my Me Made May round up, and even though I gave up on taking photos after about day 25, I've pretty much documented all my clothes.  Roll on next year.

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