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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Oh, I don't think I'm a lot dumber than you think that I thought that I thought I was once

What a terribly busy weekend and couple of days that.  My nephew turned one, I went to Bristol for a day trip to see a friend and spend money at the Outlaw Craft Fair (great), and we spent Monday walking around London, looking for more Shaun the Sheep statues.  So a fine time has been had by all.  There's even been knitting happening.  

  • Nicholas' POP blanket - Finished and done and given to the birthday boy, who was predictably unimpressed by it, but my sister in law loves it, which is the main thing really.   30 circles, 30 squares, the blue border made from the remains of my Elsa jumper.  I've only had the kit for 18 months, so that's a pretty good rate of progress for me.  
  • Hexipuff Quilt - It's something like 180 out of 250.  Which is great. STILL.  
  • Lucy Attic24 Ripple Blanket - Nearly done.  I need to finish this now, although I honestly need more wool for it; some more orange is needed as it's her favourite colour. 
  • Wisteria jumper -  Still the same.  It's too warm to work on this.
  • Burton Bear Cowl for Hattie. I'm going to move this to next year I think; it's really too warm for this too.

  • The Weather in the Streets 
Still 98 to go, so no photo.  I'm still pretty happy about it, although I'm thinking that I should really just get on and finish it.
  • Yellow squares - 109/143 done - 34 to go
  • Blue squares - 56/72 done - 16 to go
  • Grey squares - 69/102 - 33 to go
  • Turquoise squares - 2/11 done
  • Orange squares - ALL DONE
  • Pink square - DONE
  • Purple squares - DONE
  • Red squares - 7/10 done
  • Dark Green squares - DONE
  • Pale Blue square - DONE
  • Pale Yellow square - DONE
  • Dark Blue square - DONE
  • Pinky-Red squares - 7/10 done
  • Hattie's 4th birthday blanket.  This is going really well.  I've made and sewn together 20, and there are another 3 to sew on at some point.  I can finish 4 more of them, but then I have to wait for the wool fairy to bring me some more wool to finish it. I've been putting empty ball bands under my pillow every night, but nothing. 
  • NEW: A Miette cardigan.   I've seen lots of these on the internet, and thought it would be just the thing to make myself to go with my soon to be finished skirt.  The skirt is gorgeous; red roses, Liberty print, salvaged from something my mum was getting rid of, which makes it super amazing: vintage, upcycling and handmade.
  • Owl Obsession for one of my godsons - it's for his second birthday.  Next up. 
  • Peacock Mitten - I'm almost a quarter of the way through the second mitten.  Still.
  • Coraline cardigan - I've wound the wool for this, but I need to finish the Wisteria jumper first.
  • Petrie top - I should probably start this one soon.    
  • Knitted Coco -see above.
  • Socks for me - I have no suitable sock wool that I like.
  • Rainbow jumper - still depressed about losing jumper 1, and in mourning.  
  • A Little Birds jumper with no steeks - still planning.  I need to sort the stash to see what I've got of this.  I might even need to sort out whether I've got the wool.  I think I bought some, but I don't remember.  How awful.    
  • Reknit an unwearably large jumper for Simon - Oh Lord, I keep putting this off.

Myrna Cardigan
Hattie's cardigan.
A pair of simple socks for the children
Garter Yoke Cardigan
An Owlet for Lucy
Lucy's Cowl
Hattie's Cowl
A Burton Bear Cowl for Lucy
Simon's socks
A tiny jumper for Nicholas
Sparkly Owlet for Hattie
Ringo mittens
Striped jumper for Lucy

So that's your lot.  There's been sewing happening, but no photos.  Too busy and important these days.