Thursday, 7 May 2015

Do you think it's possible for an entire nation to be insane?

The General Election is today, and I've done my patriotic duty etc etc, although I was nearly thrown by HAVING TO GO TO A DIFFERENT POLLING STATION, and nearly voted for the wrong person.  I get confused easily.

In other news, I've finalised a title for my next assignment essay: how can a policy be formulated to integrate and embed advice from outside agencies into quality first teaching?  Jolly interesting, but ultimately it will be a work of great fiction and we will carry on doing things the way we've been doing them.

I walked from Greenford to Pitshanger Lane today, which sounds a long way, but is barely 8,000 steps, according to my tracker thing.  It was all cognitive dissonance too - I walked along the River Brent, which is green and pleasant with butterflies and cow parsley and ducks and all sorts, and on my right hand side was the Ruislip Road and the E2.  Bonkers.  Still, more enjoyable than walking along the pavement.  It didn't rain, although it looked like it might several times.

All this outdoor activity and fitness is wearing me out.  I need a couple of glasses of wine and a little rest.  

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