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Thursday, 15 August 2013

WIP Thursday

Well, it still just about counts as a WIP, as it is not bordered or backed, and therefore is not finished.  I am so proud of this, apart from a few little wobbles, particularly around the "Q".  I took one pattern, a massively over-complicated lace job, and turned it into a colourwork pattern, using only swearing, two colours and lots of wine.  I might even make it again, as there is a little boy who I think might like one for his second birthday - next May, so a long run up.

Right.  On to the next thing.

Alphabet Blanket for Noah - so close to being finished!
Granny's a Square Afghan (needs to be the next item, as it is Lucy's birthday in a month)
Elephant blanket (got to get going on this as the baby is on its way around the middle of next month)
Peacock Mittens
Owl Blanket
Hexipuff Quilt
Paper Dolls 
Peerie Flooers
Ringo and Elwood mittens 

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