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Saturday, 10 August 2013

10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Camping

As one of Nature's indoor people, I am probably one of the last people you'd expect to enjoy camping and the outdoors.  We've just got back from a camping trip to the New Forest, which was my first since I failed to complete my DoE back in the olden days.  Actually, I think I managed to cope with living under campus in France a few years ago, but that was very civilised, with a fridge, electricity and proper beds, so apparently that doesn't count.

Anyway.  Here are some tips for other library-dwellers and people who enjoy the indoor life.  If you are a seasoned camper, please add anything I've missed.  And please tell me how the hell you found my blog.

It gets bloody cold at night outside, even after a warm day.  Take more than a thin jumper.  This is what those Pick n Pay tops and horrible trousers are made for.

Pyjamas and a summer weight duvet are not good things to take.  Much better to put your GirlGuiding blanket on top of 1 million other blankets and lie on them.  A sleeping bag would have been much better, although they make me feel completely claustrophobic and frightened.  

Sleeping on an airbed is comfortable enough until the other person gets up and you roll off.  Also, when the other person decides to let the air out of the airbed, kill them.

Take socks.  Lots of socks.  Preferably handmade, woollen socks.  Preferably with another pair of socks underneath.  

Ugg boots, or similar, less expensive rip-offs, are de rigeur when walking from the tent to the loo.  

Some form of plastic shoe is advisable when walking on British beaches such as Milford on Sea, Littlehampton and Rottingdean.  The same shoes need to be worn in the water.

Everything you take camping will need to be washed when you get back.  I had a bath and the water went GREY.  My hair hasn't forgiven me, despite two loads of conditioner and a hair mask.  I did shower at the campsite, but it didn't seem to remove more than the top layer of dirt.

Do not attempt to wear make up or contact lenses.  A quick brush of the teeth and pulling the brush over the curls is sufficient for campsite glamour.

Everything tastes better eaten outside; a bacon sandwich cooked on a gas stove at 7:30 am is wonderful.

Owls are loud.  

We had a wonderful time, though, and the children loved being outside and having lots of space to play and run around in.  I've even started planning what I need to take on our next trip; buying a tent would probably be a good first step.


  1. This truly made me laugh out loud! I hate camping outdoors. My idea of a good time is a hotel room!
    Hope all have recovered by now--but if you don't have a tent, what did you sleep in?

    1. We borrowed one! We need to buy a whole lot of things before our next trip!