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Monday, 26 August 2013

I am not as fat as I think I am

I made a skirt today.  I measured myself carefully, twice, wrote down the measurements, drew up a paper pattern, cut it out, cut out the skirt from the pattern, giving a half inch seam allowance on all seams, and the skirt is enormous.  I've had to botch it a couple of times, cutting off a bit of waist here and there, getting rid of fabric all over the place, and I'm still swimming in it (well, paddling).  Either I can't measure, or I've lost lots of weight recently, without either trying or noticing.

Anyway.  My skirt has been bubbling away in my brain for a while, ever since I read this blog post here.  I bought the fabric from Ditto Fabrics - blue and white spots and a very contrasting grey roses fabric.  I'll definitely use them again, fast service, gorgeous fabric.  I used a button from stash, and the whole project went from this:

to this

in a remarkably short space of time.  I spent about a month obsessing over reading how to insert a zip, and worrying and worrying, and it was only on Saturday when I got the sewing machine out to make bunting for Lucy's birthday that I thought "it's only sewing, just do it" and just did it.  Frightening for a bit, but I did it.

I'm very happy with it, despite it being a bit too big.  Hurrah.


  1. Looks great. I would worry about the zip bit too but you are right - worrying about it is pointless. It can always be unpicked! I would say wear it with pride but do make sure it won't fall down first ;)

  2. It looks great, I love the spotty fabric - and its always better to be too big than too small! (certainly easier to remedy too)

  3. Thank you! I used a safety pin to hold it up by the extra inch, and I'll make it narrower when I get my machine out again. Lovely easy pattern if you fancy making one.

  4. It looks great! At least you can take it in if it's a bit big - I recently tried to make a dress that turned out too small so there was nothing I could do about it!