Monday, 24 August 2015

No Boyle, last time we did that you ended up telling everyone that you had a crush on the teapot from Beauty and the Beast

I've been busy sewing today, working on my Made Up pledge for Karen and the National Literacy Trust.  To be completely honest, the first bit wasn't a challenge at all - I've made this pattern three times and hacked it to make tee shirts for the girls, so I knew that it wouldn't really take very long at all.  

In fact, the two dresses took me from half ten this morning to about ten past one.  Super fast sewing, even with cutting them out last night.  I also made Hattie some pyjamas too, because I am one overachieving mother today.  Tomorrow, I'll need to make something similar for Lucy as I can hear her starting to feel a bit miffed that her sister has something she doesn't.

Stars for Hattie.  It's a bit big at the moment, but the size below fits perfectly, and I'd quite like it to last until next year.

Spots for Lucy.  Again, a bit big, particularly in length, but it should last her well.

The pyjamas were made out of the leftovers.  Funny what a difference the light makes to the colour in the photograph.  The two things are in the same fabric!  The pants are a bit of an odd fit because I had to cut them against the stretch, but they are fine for sleeping in.  I called them sleep shorts, so I suspect Hattie will try to wear them outside before too long.  

It's funny how different two similar fabrics can be.  The stars are a very structured jersey without much drape, quite thick and much better at holding a shape. The spots is a lot more drapey and thinner, and has made a lovely floppy, floaty cool dress for Lucy.  I bought the spotty fabric from a shop on the Goldhawk Road last year, when I met up with a load of sewing people, and gorgeous (then) blue haired Llauren Lladybird.  The shop is owned by one of my parents, as in someone from school, and I'm sure he had other colours.  I'll have to go back and check.  Oh the hardship.

 I'm sure I wrote a blog post about my last trip, but maybe not.  It was fun anyway, and I bought a small (large) amount of fabric, some of which I've used, most of which I haven't.  It feels good to take 4 metres out of stash.  I photographed a portion of it today.  It is getting a bit out of hand.

My sewing resolution is to turn at least half into garments before August 2016.  Should be doable. 

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