Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Jake, he is a sea witch in disguise, do not sing into his shell.

You know and I know how much I love any opportunity to take really poor quality photos, so this Instagram photo game set up by the impossibly glamorous Rachel from House of Pinheiro was too good to pass by.

Here's a round up of the ten days.  Can you tell I've recently discovered the layout app and am having all sorts of fun with it?

Day 1 - Hello

Day 2 - Can't (Won't) Live Without

Day 3 - Colourful

Day 4 - Work/Play

Day 5 - Silhouette

Day 6 - Pattern that Changed My Life

Day 7 - Sew Up Close

Day 8 - Sewing Playlist

Day 9 - Stash

Day 10 - Would Swap Closets With

I've fallen a bit behind since we came back from holiday, but I'm catching up, and who doesn't want to see 21 more pictures of my stuff?