Thursday, 20 August 2015

Julia vs Vianne

A blogger I like, Amanda from Bimble and Pimble, always starts her posts Amanda vs whichever pattern she's been wrestling with this week.  While my relationship with sewing isn't quite on that combative level, my knitting has been properly rubbish recently.  I think it's annoyed that I'm spending more time sewing and writing, and is in a sulk.

Vianne and I have a complicated relationship.  I started it back in June, and made great progress, until I really looked at the lace and realised that my decreases sloped in different ways and it was just a big hot mess.  Even I can't live with that level of ridiculousness, so I ripped it back, including the bit that was OK, which was a mistake, but I was pretty cross.  I'd already altered the pattern to make it with a plain back, because the lace back didn't look right to me.  It looks nice on other models, but it wouldn't work.  Also, I like to hide the backs of my dresses, because invisible zip nightmare.

So then it waited in my knitting bag while I did other things - mostly the Weather blanket and sewing, and then I took it to Greece.  I don't know if you've ever knitted in 40+ degree heat? It's not a good idea.  Anyway, I got the body finished, and I got one of the sleeves finished, and I got the other sleeve started, and I ran out of wool in the middle of nowhere.  So it went back into the knitting bag until we got home, and then yesterday I finished the cast off on the button band, and today after finishing my essay, I sewed ribbon round the button band and made buttonholes and sewed on buttons, and now it is done.

It looks a bit weird on the hanger, but it fits OK.  Bit big around the shoulders and back, and the sleeves need to get narrower much, much quicker.  I'll try to take modelled picture later. 

Button band looks OK, as does the lace.  I won't tell you how long it took me to make those buttonholes.  Ages.  

Grey and white spotty ribbon to give it a bit of extra oomph.  I like using a contrasting colour. 

I also made Hattie some stripy pants.  

And put a freaking bird on Lucy's.  

So there you go.  It was a tight match, but I won in the end.  Ain't no knitting going to stop me.  Or something.  And only a month late, the outfit along outfit is finished.  I'm going to wear them both tonight and see if Simon can take a photograph that doesn't make me look like an idiot. 

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