Sunday, 19 October 2014

It's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill


A Knit List Update

For the girls:
An Owlet for Hattie - very close to starting this
Ringo and Elwood mittens in grey and brown - These are going to be Christmas presents, I need to get a  move on
Two Burton Bears cowls - pattern printed out
A cowl for Hattie to match the cowl I made for Lucy - this is about 3 hours work, once I've wound the wool

For me:

This is my new jumper - a Boreal by Kate Davies; I'm using lovely, lovely EasyKnits Ooomph in Soooooooper Grover; it's aran weight and absolutely delicious.  The white is a super squishy sheepy smelling aran from Laxtons - it's on their website as Blue Face Leicester Roving.  Gorgeously snuggly.
Wisteria jumper - not talking about that
Peacock Mitten - ditto
Coraline cardigan - moved to be finished by February; this is Britain, it will still be cold then
Petrie top - needs me to buy yarn, so not feeling it at the moment
Knitted Coco - got the yarn, printed out a pattern, just got to start
Socks for me - I'm not going to use the yarn I was going to use, so now I need to dig in the stash
A Rainbow jumper with some sheepy yarn from the Faroes and a lot of Kauni wool - still in the planning stages
A Little Birds jumper with no steeks - ditto

For Simon:
Reknit an unwearably large jumper - I've had a look in his cupboard, and chosen the one to reknit.  I need to take measurements and search out the pattern.  I want this done by his birthday (February)
More socks. - One sock is done.  I have 4 and a half rounds of ribbing to do on the other, so I am calling it done for now.  They are bottle green, not black.  Still a bugger to knit.

Owl Obsession for one of my godsons - got the yarn.... (he's only just turned one, he doesn't need a blanket yet)
Hexipuff Quilt (I'm aiming to get 250/500 done by the end of June 2015) (I might get a bit more enthused about this in Christmas)
The Weather in the Streets (should probably be finished by June) - January to May - done; January to April sewn together. (Again, I've lost momentum for this)
Finish the bloody Elephants blanket - FCK THAT SHJT. (massive hate on about this, might just bin the damn thing)
Lucy Attic24 Ripple Blanket - going surprisingly well (slowly)

Nicholas' POP blanket - I've done a few squares, but am being very slow about it (speeding up - I've done 8 squares) (oops, make that 7 - curses)

Myrna Cardigan
Hattie's cardigan.
A pair of simple socks  for the children
Garter Yoke Cardigan
An Owlet for Lucy 

I've been obsessed, OBSESSED, with sewing recently.  Lucy now has an ELSA DRESS MADE BY HER MUM, which she wore to a party at the weekend.  She was overjoyed by it, and her friends' mums were amazed and stunned by my general brilliance and creativity.  You can read all about it here.  I made myself a beautiful Charley Harper print dress the other day; you can see pictures of me in my old specs, looking weird, here.  It is a Coco.  What else?  2 hours it took to make, that's all.  You don't get that sort of creative high from knitting, I can tell you.

PS Hello lovely commentators, who were so sweet about my last Year of Projects post.  I meant to reply to every single one, but things got in the way; sorry.  It's always lovely to read comments, thank you xx  I will try to be more diligent replying this week.


  1. The Boreal is looking fabulous and I have been umming and ahing over a Coco for ages - yours looks great - I have settled on a wrap dress for a moment, but may succumb!!

    1. Thank you! It is the easiest pattern in the world, and so fun to make too!

  2. I love the shade your using for the Boreal it's going to look amazing when done. Well done on the socks and I love how bright and cheery your ripple blanket is.

    1. Thank you! The ripple is all her own choices, so thank my Lucy, not me!

  3. love that ripple !

    1. It's looking great, isn't it? I'm really pleased with it!