Saturday, 18 October 2014

A bird in the hand

I took the morning off on Thursday; by which I mean that I didn't go into work to do my job on a voluntary basis between half 9 and half 12;  I stayed at home, did some work, prepared for my first SENCO meeting and made a Coco.

The fabric is a Charley Harper print, called Upside Downside, and it is lovely.  It's a jersey, and so soft and easy to wear.  I bought it at the Knitting and Stitching Show from The Eternal Maker last weekend; it didn't even have time to get into the stash.  I decided not to make the sleeves birds, primarily because I'd run out of fabric, but also because it might be all a bit too much.  I think the dress looks better with a cardigan pulling it in a bit; also, you know, AUTUMN.

The dress took 2 hours from cutting it out to wearing it, which is a bit of a record.  If I cut out the night before, I could feasibly make one in the morning to wear to school and still be in by lunchtime.  I might challenge myself.  

I now want all the Charley Harper fabric, and all the prints.  Especially this one:

Backyard Birds, from his official website.  I've got a birthday coming up.  Just saying.


  1. I so love this fabric and you look fab in your coco...I want one. Even more impressed with the 2 hour make... it would take me 2 years and still not look like it should....well done you xx
    You should definately get the rest of the fabric, after all every girl needs a set of something and if it's not even gonna sit in stash then that's all the justification you need...right!!

    1. ha! Thank you xx I think I will, it's payday on Friday, and my birthday next week, so why not.