Monday, 13 October 2014

All the world is made of faith and trust. And knitting.

Sewing is taking over my life.  I can't do anything else at the moment, it's all so exciting.  I've been making Lucy a special Elsa dress, and will have photos (!) and a long, work in progress style blog post soon, but it's on hold at the moment, as I can't quite face it.

So the knit list.  I went to Ally Pally at the weekend, and came back with 4 metres of jersey fabric for two Cocos (chevrons and upside down birds - beyond gorgeous), a pattern for a dress that is slightly more complicated than a Coco but not much, some wool, some needles, some more wool and a pompom maker.  It's all very, very exciting.  I'm going to be very, very busy.

For the girls:

Owlet for Lucy : DONE!

It doesn't photograph well, particularly not on my crappy old 4; I'm getting a whizzy new one in a few days, can't wait.  
An Owlet for Hattie - yarn ready, just need to get on with it
Ringo and Elwood mittens in grey and brown (it's getting close to mitten weather, better get a move on)

For me:

Garter Yoke cardigan - DONE and I have barely taken it off since I finished it

Finish the Wisteria jumper (not much to go) - just got the sleeves to do (hngh)
Finish the other Peacock Mitten in time for winter - need to get on with it (bah)
Coraline cardigan - I have NEW YARN in a new and exciting and very not Julia colour for this one (still looking at the yarn)
Petrie top with navy and blue stripes - on hold (sh)
A knitted Coco (no link, because I am going to make it up and channel Tilly) - got some yarn for it STILL
A pair of socks - didn't get to start in France, but will try to do them in the car in the next few weeks (bah, but we are going to Edinburgh, so I will start these on the train)

For Simon:
Reknit an unwearably large jumper - I've had a look in his cupboard, and chosen the one to reknit.  I need to take measurements and search out the pattern.
More socks. - One sock is done.  The other sock is half done, so hurrah for that

Owl Obsession for my new godson - got the yarn.... (shh)
Hexipuff Quilt (I'm aiming to get 250/500 done by the end of June 2015) (shh)
The Weather in the Streets (should probably be finished by June) - January to May - done; January to April sewn together. (grr)
Finish the bloody Elephants blanket - FCK THAT SHJT. (massive hate on about this, might just bin the damn thing)
Lucy Attic24 Ripple Blanket - going surprisingly well (slowly)
Nicholas' POP blanket - I've done a few squares, but am being very slow about it (speeding up - I've done 8 squares)

Myrna Cardigan
Hattie's cardigan.
A pair of simple socks  for the children

I've got couple more things to add to the list - like two Burton Bear cowls, a Little Birds jumper (no steeks), a Boreal Christmas jumper that needs starting and a cowl for Hattie.  Hey ho.  Less sewing, more sitting.


  1. Sounds and looks like lots has been happening with you. Looking forward to seeing all the sewing makes and the new purchases from the Ally Pally. Your Garter Yoke is just gorgeous, love the pop of colour from the buttons.

  2. I love your enthusiasm in this post and am looking forward to watching your progress. Love the garter yoke cardi too x
    I am not brave enough to start a hexi puff...

  3. Make that a third love for the garter yoke Cardi!

    The sewing intrigues me. Looking forward to reading about it!

  4. Hope you had a lovely weekend, it sounds fabulous. I have a few sewing projects coming up myself, looking forward to seeing your Elsa dress! Love the cardi.

  5. I'm so glad we're including sewing and other fiber related crafts as let's face it....we are all multi-talented! LOL! I adore the owl sweater and I hope they have bigger sizes by the time I get around to it. You do big projects and you still get more done than me....the slow knitter...Ha! Ha! The cardi is darling especially with your pop of color buttons. It's so exciting to make all these plans isn't it? I like to have lots going on and you'll have to tell me how you get so much done. Is it really continental versus English style that makes some able to knit so much faster? I love all your projects and your sewing too! Have a great week and oh, what I wouldn't give for train transportation! I love trains and as I age I am not enjoying driving like I used to so trains would be perfect and then I could knit too!

  6. Looking forward to all your projects, and your Garter Yoke Cardi looks great! I can't wait for mine to be finished so I can finally wear it!

  7. I'm hoping to get into sewing soon, I've been looking into some affordable sewing machines. I feel like I can really take my fiber arts to the next level if I had a sewing machine for lining, etc.

  8. BIN THE DAMN THING! Yes! You've got so many awesome projects going on so why waste your time on something you're not enjoying. I should really reknit a hugely oversized sweater too! Maybe in the New Year!