Thursday, 2 October 2014

Something serious

What a shitty day yesterday turned into.  I don't like to be mawkish, or sentimental, or overly religious, but I found a lot of comfort in the grief stricken lament of Psalm 22.  Be not far from us, for trouble is near, there is no one else to help.  At our church, our churchwarden read Psalm 23, and said some beautiful, appropriate words, and expressed our grief and loss absolutely perfectly.  Helen, our vicar, was on the Channel 4 news, and she spoke movingly of the sense of almost violation that we all feel; that is our canal, that is our space, this is a place of happiness and love and community and friendship.  Please hold her family, and our wider community, in your thoughts, prayers and hearts at this awful time.  Even though we didn't know them, we feel grief and a terrible sense of loss.  The yellow ribbons are still up; it is just heartbreaking.

I just can't be light-hearted about knitting tonight.  

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