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Thursday, 11 April 2013

WIP Wednesday (Thursday edition)

I'm making Lucy a pair of socks.  This is a first for me; I haven't made children's socks before, and I've never made a pair of toe up socks either.  So, of course, toe up children's socks started in the middle of nowhere with no internet access made perfect sense. 

Actually, they've turned out pretty well, and I'm very pleased with them.  The annoying thing is that I would have been able to have a pair if I hadn't attempted to make two pairs of adult socks as well out of the two balls of pink and orange sock yarn I brought with me.  As it is, I am a tantalising 3g short for Lucy's socks, and need about another 10g for the adult socks - they are striped, so take much less of the secondary colour; I've had to buy a third ball, which may well be delivered by the time we get home on Sunday.  I've already had an order for a similar pair from Hattie (where me sock go?), so that'll be my job next week.  Good thing they've got small feet really.

These two weeks have been very productive, sock wise. 

For people who are interested: I used Regia Sock Yarn, 4 fadig, colourway Crazy Chris and 2.75mm DPNs.  I didn't use a pattern (get me) but started the toe as if it were a Hexipuff, and then just knitted until it fitted her foot, and then made a short row heel.  There are 25 rounds on the leg, and then 10 rounds of ribbing.  I used the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off to make sure that she could actually wear them, and would probably been better off waiting to do that when I had internet access to check how to do it, as it looks a tiny bit ropey.  Oh well.  Lucy absolutely loves them. 


  1. congratulations on knitting socks! they can be a bit pesky, but worth it!

  2. ha, you don't make things easy on yourself, do you? They are gorgeous and I hope were finished without incident :)