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Friday, 26 April 2013

WIP Friday

My current favourite WIP is not the green socks started in South Africa, or Lucy's small socks, or the Very British Killing Jumper, or the Paper Dolls jumper, or the Owls Blanket for Hattie, or the Hexipuffs Blanket, or even the Pink and Purple socks, it is the Alphabet Blanket for my friend's baby due in May.

It's a lace job in the pattern, but I don't do lace, so I've made it using intarsia and lots of colours, and so far it looks great, and I'm actually really enjoying it.

Looking at the list of WIPs makes me feel a bit tired.  Pass the wine.

For those who like this sort of thing: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, 7 colours - pale blue, purple, turquoise, red, blue, royal purple and orange; 3.5mm wooden circular needles, pattern from Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits Book.


  1. Looking at mylist of WIPs would drive me to drink I think! I always have a fair few things on the back burner, but tend to pick up blankets before other things to do...they are 'my thing'.

    Your blanket is looking good, I've never done intarsia before, always seems so complicated.

    Where in S. Africa did you go?

  2. Sorry for late reply - we were in Cape Town, my grandmother lives in a town on False Bay. We had a brilliant time!