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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

What on earth is going on with this blog?  Every time I open the computer, it appears to be Wednesday again, and time to talk about knitting, meaning that both my regular readers (Hi Vicky!  Hi Rosemary!) stop reading, roll their eyes and read something more interesting, like, well, almost anything else.

Last week's WIP is still a WIP, as I got fed up after the first round of stars, and need to get the Nordic knitting vibe going again.  This week's WIP is a pair of socks, started before a trip to see Skyfall, and then shoved in the bag and forgotten.  Because I am arrogant, I thought I could do ribbing in the dark.  I can't.  One pair of socks has the most beautiful, neat 2 by 2 ribbing, the other has what could kindly be called a ribbing/moss stitch hybrid.  The socks are for my husband, and even though they look rather petite, they stretch like mad, and fit perfectly.

The yarn is Regia, Kaffe Fassett dyed, and is lovely to knit with - stretchy but strong.

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