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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Julia's Bespoke Babies, redux

I am attempting to make myself into an entrepreneur as a total change from teaching.  As previously written about at great and tedious length, I make baby gros - in that I applique little designs onto pre-made baby gros, and then sell them to people.  I've sold a whole load via facebook, and also at a Christmas fair.

My website is Julia's Bespoke Babies, and I am busy publicising it by all means fair and foul, which is why I'm going on and on about it now.  My friend Ruth runs a website called More than a Mum, and I have been interviewed by her (get me) about the business, and it should run sometime next week, which will be interesting.  I've also signed up to a couple of websites selling handmade things - both of them specialize in selling things made by mums, so will be my target market.  I'm also considering advertising and running craft parties, so watch this space.  

It's all rather exhausting to think about, but I'm sure the reality will be perfectly manageable and fun.

So, if you have a baby on the way, or if you know someone who has and wants a baby gro, please point them in my direction.  If they're not on facebook, point them at this blog.  I'll be everso grateful.

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