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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

Golly, is it Wednesday already?  This week has gone so fast, which is a combination of terrifying and relieving, and it's Knit Night again.  Last week, I worked on my Vine Yoke Cardigan, and now it's finished, except for some buttons and a good block, so I can't wear it quite yet.

We got very into The Killing last year, and I, along with the rest of the world, fell in love with Sarah Lund's jumper.  Unlike most of the rest of the world, I can make my own, and started making plans and charts and all sorts for a while, even going so far as to buy the yarn for it, lovely lovely Rowan Cocoon.

This is not a picture of my jumper.  It is the original inspiration, and it is shamelessly taken from the shop at Gudrun Gudrun.  Nice though, isn't it.  The yoke is a bit, well, and this sounds really arrogant given that these people make a living from making knitwear, messy, so I thought I could do a different job on that, and the arms are of gorilla like length, and as my husband loving told me before we were married, I have very short arms.

My jumper is on ravelry here, and this is a photo of me trying to look cold and emotionally distant while wearing the sleeves.

I'm just about to start knitting the first round of the stars on the body, and I'm really pleased with it so far.  Hurrah for WIPs.


  1. Rowan Cocoon, yum! I love your expression in that photo. My husband likes to do a Brix face every so often.

  2. I love Rowan yarn to and the picture is great looking.

  3. Looking great! I love that jumper, hope you're going to release a pattern!