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Sunday, 17 March 2013

10 and 11/52

I'm not entirely sure where last week went.  I did take some photos of the girls, including one I earmarked for the 10th week of the project, but never got around to posting it.  So, here are two portraits of my children.

A rare picture of my children not watching television.  We had family supper last Friday with pimped up pizzas made by the girls - they are both obsessed with olives and so their pizza is the one that is mostly black spots.  In the end, the little buggers didn't eat their pizza at all.

This photo is from Friday which was Red Nose Day here in the UK.  For those not in the know, Red Nose Day involves spending money which goes to Comic Relief, to be redistributed to various charities across the country.  I bought them an official Red Nose each, but as they are made of foam rubber and smell strange, both girls refused point blank to wear them, so we improvised.  They are shattered in this picture after a week of various illness and high temperatures, tantrums, bad moods and general blahness.  A week to forget, quite frankly.  Let's hope we get some Spring sunshine soon so that all these bugs go away.

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