Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yes to life, Yes to love and Yes to staying in more

The hamster has hurt his leg, Hattie won't stop screaming at us when we don't follow instructions immediately and to the letter, Lucy goes into a hysterical panic whenever she is thwarted and the house is a proper mess.

Still, it's half term, it's Valentine's Day, it was Simon's birthday yesterday and we went out and my essay is started and sounding good.  We don't make a huge fuss over Valentine's Day, but we do buy massively competitive presents for each other; this year, I thought I'd won by making a Lego Croyden family in a frame, but Simon got us tickets for High Society at the Old Vic in June - the dress to impress evening, so I have to make a new dress.  And a fur coat.  And lose about a billion pounds.  I'm not sure whether it would be easier to channel Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn or Rita Hayworth.  Probably none of the above in the end, and I'll just try to make a nice dress that fits.

Speaking of dresses, I finally got around to make a Francoise, and she is beautiful.  The photo, not so much.

There's some kind of weird boob/dart thing going on, but it shows less in real life.  Also, if it is pointed out by anyone, they get a scowl.  Don't know what's going on with my hair either, but you know, see above and do I look like I could care less?  One day I might taken better pictures, and one day I might be a size 0.

The dress is in a ponte knit, it's pretty stretchy but not too stretchy.  It's comfy and doesn't cling too much, so I will be wearing it regularly.  I like the pattern, at the moment not as much as I like Coco, and I can see myself making a few more.  I like the darts, but I think I need to either make a smaller size or move them down a bit in order to improve the fit across the bust.   Here's hoping that all the running will make a smaller size necessary.  Better lay off the Valentine's Night lasagna as well. 


  1. I think it looks great, I really like the colour. I can't tell if you need to from the photo, but I had to move the darts down on both versions I made.

    1. Thank you! I'll have another go later on with some blue wool I bought a few months ago. I don't know how to move bust darts, but I'm going to have a go! They are a bit, well, pointy at the moment.