Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

Another week nearly over, and my acute awareness of the passing of time tells me it's the end of FEBRUARY, which is just insane.  This year is galloping away far too fast; someone stop it please.  

I have a meeting with my boss on Monday to talk about her thoughts about my job for next year; basically, I don't want to be in Nursery, I would like to be a full time SENCO, but work shortened hours so I can still drop the girls at school.  Life needs reordering at the moment for family reasons, which isn't my story to tell, so I'm keen to have order and control in one aspect of my life at least.

This.  I can control this.  I made a very severe and sober Coco dress.  It is beautiful in an austere way, and needs a bright purple cardigan (pattern?  Myra?  Agatha?) to make it a bit more daft.  A bit more Julia.    

It also needs a hem and two oversized purple pockets, but we shall gloss over that.

Also, please don't look at the mess in the background.  The children put all their toys in the attic of the dolls' house, and I can't face tidying that, even though it means that the panel won't fit anymore. At least they put things away.  Be grateful for the small things.  I read this article/advice thing, and it is lovely and helpful, and I love Annalisa Barbieri for all the reasons, especially that she now follows me on twitter, so please read her and love her too.  

What else?  There is wine to drink, there is knitting to do, and there is Charlie Brooker to watch, so that.   There is no running happening at the moment, curses on this sodding ankle.  The bloody thing flared up today and started really hurting while I was observing writing behaviour in Year Two.  It's a real thing.  I wasn't even standing on it.  It stopped hurting after a while, and is fine now, but it is a bit of a worry.  This 2 and a half hour goal for the half marathon is already pretty unrealistic; I really need to get out there and get on with it.  

This young man is fine by the way.  No limps, no permanent damage, and need to trouble the vet.  Thankfully.  Hurrah for hamsters brightening up our lives.

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