Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The dinosaurs died so that chat rooms may flourish

Well Happy St Pancake's Day to you, and I hope you are full of sugar, lemon and golden syrup, in preparation for 40 days of reflection and vainly attempting to give up something you really, really enjoy.  I'm going for chocolate this year, so am eating all the stuff in the house tonight.  Well, I ran for 4.8k today as part of my half marathon training, so it's ok.  Surely.

It's half term, the best time of the year, and I'm looking after my own children and trying not to go completely ga-ga in the process.  Yesterday was all about the swimming and the screaming tantrums (everyone, unfortunately), and today was all about dinosaurs and buses around Central London.

Have some pictures of, in no particular order, the way home, dinosaurs both real and animatronic, the blue whale, Chinatown decked out for Chinese New Year and a dog dressed as a lion that amused us for a bit over lunch.  Picture taken from Twitter; I think it is brilliant.

A grand day out, all in all.  We're members of the NHM, which means that we don't have to queue - we got there just before 10 and were ushered in like the royalty we are.  Most satisfying.  Costs a bit, but it is worth it, plus I can ignore with immunity all the "please give us money" signs.

I made a Coco yesterday, but it's not finished, so expect more on Thursday.  Along with more KNITCHAT.  Bet you can't wait.

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